Sunday, 18 April 2010

Nicely Done Paul Smith...

The Idea:

When asked what he would like to give back to London, celebrated fashion designer Paul Smith wanted only to remove something – litter. Renowned for taking familiar and making it desirable with a contemporary twist, Smith thought of a way to make an antilitter campaign engaging. By acknowledging the power of humour to bring about change, rather than instructing or warning people, he proposes designs for light-hearted, reactive rubbish bins, which show their appreciation each time a piece of rubbish is thrown.

The racing green rabbit, designed to populate the streets of London, is a playful and optimistic gesture. When a person approaches the bin, a sensor in the hoop reacts and the rabbit’s ears display flashing lights. Very nicely done Paul Smith; I’d be interested to know whether the rabbits themselves are constructed from sustainable materials and also what about the charming carrot rubbish bags…

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