Sunday, 18 April 2010

Nicely Done Paul Smith...

The Idea:

When asked what he would like to give back to London, celebrated fashion designer Paul Smith wanted only to remove something – litter. Renowned for taking familiar and making it desirable with a contemporary twist, Smith thought of a way to make an antilitter campaign engaging. By acknowledging the power of humour to bring about change, rather than instructing or warning people, he proposes designs for light-hearted, reactive rubbish bins, which show their appreciation each time a piece of rubbish is thrown.

The racing green rabbit, designed to populate the streets of London, is a playful and optimistic gesture. When a person approaches the bin, a sensor in the hoop reacts and the rabbit’s ears display flashing lights. Very nicely done Paul Smith; I’d be interested to know whether the rabbits themselves are constructed from sustainable materials and also what about the charming carrot rubbish bags…

Sustainable Futures Private View - Design Museum.

Christopher Raeburn Digital Rainbow SS10 garments exhibited as part of the Design Museum "Sustainable Futures". Exhibition runs till early September 2010.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Vogue Party in New York

Daria Strokous , Maria Francesca Pepe, Carmen Perez-Pineda, Barbara Grispini, Craig Lawrence, Fannie Schiavoni, Antonio Fiengo, Emma Watson & Alex.

Craig Lawrence & Emma Watson
Holly Fulton & Jess

Anna Orsini
Ajak Wol Deng

Tim Soar
Fannie Schiavoni , Craig Lawrence, Mark Holgate and Antonio
Craig Lawrence & Fannie Schiavoni
Fannie Schiavoni & Simon Ward
Fannie Schiavoni
Nicely done...
Antonio & Hannah Marshall

Anna Orsini and Barbara Grispini of the British Fashion Council.
Heikki Salonen & Carmen Perez-Pineda

Jean-Pierre Braganza , Antonio & Mark Fast
Jean-Pierre Braganza & Antonio Fiengo

Hannah Marsall & Simon Ward

A (hopefully) interested Emma Watson...
Taryn Davidson
Behati Prinsloo & Barbara Grispini

Not often that a Raeburn get's himself in this sort of environment; the venue was Pulino’s, 282 Bowery New York for the Vogue Pizza party. A massive thank you to Anna Wintour and her team for organising such an amazing end to our trip in New York.

All photography by Christopher Raeburn and Antonio Fiengo ©2010

Offsetting all those plane flights...

After extensive research it would seem that this is an excellent idea; essentially your cash gets invested in growing economies through ecologically sound projects that help to offset your carbon footprint and also help local communities.